Monday, September 15, 2008

American Idol Politics

O.K. So here's my idea for how we should vote for the President and Vice President:
It should be like American Idol. Instead of Paula, Randy, and Simon, there could be a panel of political analysts and maybe a guest panelist like John Stewart or Steven Colbert just to keep things interesting. Anyone who is interested n running for office, whether President or Vice President, Republican or Democrat, enters the competition. Every Week's competition consists of a debate of pressing issues for our country (Iraq, Health Care, Education, Social Security, Employment, etc) After the show, Americans vote for their favorite candidates via phone, text, or computer- just like American Idol. The candidate with the fewest votes goes home on the results show. This process continues until we are left with the final 2 contestants. The finale consists of one last debate of ALL topics discussed over the course of the season, and the voting commences. The candidate with the most votes becomes the next President, and the candidate with the least votes becomes the Vice President. Obviously, there are some flaws with this idea, but given the current state of politics, I really think I'm on to something.......